Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Martin Luther King is a republican

Well, Quanell X has done it again. He has made a fool of himself. In Houston, white people consider him a racist. He is an active racist specifically regarding white men.

A billboard was put up by a black religious leader in Houston claiming that Martin Luther King was a republican. Quanell X became so enraged of the content like he usually does and held a press conference. And who does he speciciually name as culprits......WHITE MEN. Rush Limbaugh, George Bush, and Shaun Hannity.

Ladies and gentleman I am not only white, but I am a female. I am here to be a voice for white men in the USA. Everyday, white men are attacked by people like Quanell X. White men can't say much regarding him or any black man, because well......they are white and that makes them a racist. If standing up to Quanell's stupidity is racist, then I guess I am racist.

Quanell X, grow up. Be a man of dignitiy for YOUR people and stop attacking white men. You could be doing something to empower black men to be men who stay out of gangs and take care of their families. Please do YOUR job and stop attacking white men. You are insecure about your self and have to tear the white man down to feel a sense of power. That is sad. You apparently go against Martin Luther Kings teachings and see people's skin color and not the content of other people's character. You sir, need to educate yourself on Dr. Kings teachings and stop being a racist black man.